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We offer a range of services, including bespoke film, free film developing & scanning, and top-quality black & white hand developing & printing. Capture and inspire with us.

Features that impress

Free Film Developing

Bring your old films to life with our free film developing service. Trust us to transform your cherished memories into beautiful digital images.

Free Dark Room

Unleash your creativity with our free darkroom service. Our expert team will provide the space, equipment, and guidance you need to develop and print pictures.

Bespoke Films

Elevate your filmmaking with our bespoke films. From custom emulsions to unique formats, we work with you to create a film that's as unique as your vision.

Free Development & Scanning Services

Explore our range of development and scanning services and find the perfect option to suit your needs. Get high-quality scans and prints of your photos with our trusted services.

35mm Film

120mm Film

Bespoke Film

35mm Film

Take your filmmaking to the next level with our bespoke film services. We offer custom emulsions and formats tailored to your specific needs, helping you elevate your art and create something truly unique.

100 ISO

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400 ISO

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800 ISO

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Free Darkroom Services

Book our free darkroom service and experience the art of black and white hand developing and printing with ClickASnap Darkroom. Our team of experts provides bespoke one-to-one services, including basic film developing, contact printing, shading and burning in, preflashing, and split grading techniques.

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